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Title I Schoolwide Program

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Title I Parent and Family Engagement

Natarsha Williams, Parent & Family Engagement Coordinator
Natarsha Williams, Parent & Family Engagement Coordinator


Miller Elementary Parent and Family Engagement Information

My name is Natarsha Williams and I am your Parent and Family Engagement Coordinator. I am located in room 404 and can be reached at 478-929-7814 ext. 55282 or by email at I look forward to working with each of you as we Rocket to Success!


Georgia School Grades Reports:


Parent Action Team (P.A.T.)

Parent input is a vital component of the Title I Program.  We invite parents and family members to join the Parent Action Team (PAT) which meets twice per year. 

The purpose of the PAT is to develop and revise Title I documents such as the Parent and Family Engagement plan and the School-Parent compact.  Parent suggestions are always welcomed and encouraged throughout the school year and from the Parent Satisfaction Survey every spring. 

Your input also guides the planning of the workshops and activities for the next school year which we include in our school's Parent and Family Engagement Plan.  We gladly welcome your input and ideas! 

Sorry if we missed you on October 25, 2018 and February 21, 2019. 

You can still give your input at our Parent/Student Shared Decision Making Meeting 

on March 21, 2019 @ 5:30pm!



Contact Natarsha Williams if you are interested in more information about the PAT at 478-929-7814 ext. 55282 or at


Parent Satisfaction Survey Results from the 2017-2018 School Year:                            

Parent Satisfaction Survey Results 2017-2018


Family Resource Center - Room 404

Our Family Resource Center is located in Room 404. We have information on topics such as parenting, safety, homework, reading, nutrition and family issues. The Family Resource Center is available from 8:30am – 3:15pm daily. Stop by and pick up some information, visit our Parent Lending Library, or use the computer and please feel free to give us your input while you're here!



Become a Rocketeer (Volunteer)!

Volunteering at Miller is fun, easy, and important to the success of our students!  All Houston County School System volunteers are required to pass a background check and complete volunteer training.

Clearance is good for five years and accepted at all schools in the county.  A background check application is available here, in the front office, or in the Parent Resource Room.  Please feel free to contact Natarsha Williams at 478-929-7814 ext. 55282 if you have any questions about your clearance status or how you can volunteer.  We look forward to having you here!

After you receive notice that you have been cleared to volunteer and you are unable to attend any of the scheduled volunteer trainings at the school, you can view the powerpoint presentation here.  After reviewing the powerpoint presentation you are required to read, sign, date, and submit this confidentiality form.  Once both of these steps are complete, you are ready to begin service!




We welcome your comments and feedback on our school and our programs. Please contact Natarsha Williams, Parent and Family Engagement Coordinator at 478-929-7814 ext. 55282 or complete this Parent Feedback Form.

Tarjeta de Comentarios de Padres/Estudiantes 





Title I Parent and Family Engagement Documents 2018-2019

Title I Parent and Family Engagement Handbook 

Miller Elementary Parent and Family Engagement Plan

District Title I Parent and Family Engagement Plan

School-Parent Compacts

One-year Action Plan

Strategic Plan

School Improvement Plan

Right to Know Teacher and Paraprofessional Qualifications Letter

Miller Parent and Family Engagement Calendar




Documentos de Participacion de Padres y Familia del Titulo I 2018-2019

Manual de Participacion de Padres y Familia del Titulo I 

Plan de Participacion de Padres y Familia 

Plan de Participacion de Padres y Familias del Distrito 

Pactos Escuela-Padres 

Derecho a Saber las Cualificaciones Profesionales de Maestros/as y Paraprofesionales 



Additional Resources 2018-2019

Parent and Family Engagement Newsletters 

Boletin Informativo de Participacion de Padres y Familias 

Lexile Framework for Reading 

Georgia's Lexile Map

Lexile Parent Guide

Academic Workshops/Resources

Math News Newsletters K - 5th

Noticas Matematicas Kinder - 5o  

Math News Newsletter K – 5th (2nd Nine Weeks)

Math News Newsletter K – 5th (3rd Nine Weeks)

Noticas Matematicas Kinder – 5o (2as Nueve Semanas) 

Noticas Matematicas Kinder – 5o (3as Nueve Semanas)

Fifth Grade Milestones Parent University February 2019
















What is Title I?

Title I, Part A is a federally funded program under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The purpose of Title I under ESSA is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging state academic achievement standards and state academic assessments.

Miller Elementary is a Title I School. We are eligible for Title I based on our percentage of students eligible for free and reduced lunch.  All students in our school benefit from these funds.  All Title I schools must include parent input in the development of a written Parent and Family Engagement plan.