School Improvement Plan 2015-2016



Miller Elementary School


Our Mission is to produce students that excel academically, technically, socially, and emotionally.


Our Vision is to produce students who are globally competitive.

 Goal 1:  Ensure that each Houston County School provides high-quality instruction aligned with state standards.

Action 1:  Develop and execute our school strategic plan to demonstrate growth of the College and Career Readiness Performance Indicator

Action 2:  Implement a balanced assessment approach to include diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments to design and adjust instruction based on data analysis

Action 3:  Differentiate learning opportunities focused on student-centered learning, higher-order thinking, and problem-solving to meet individualized learner needs and goals

Goal 2:  Provide opportunities for stakeholder engagement.

Action 1:  Ensure a school-wide approach to providing a safe learning environment for all stakeholders

Action 2:  Facilitate on-going, two-way communication with stakeholders through multiple means of media

Action 3:  Provide opportunities for shared-decision making among stakeholders

Action 4:  Maintain partnership with Trinity Volunteers and increase partnerships with other business and community leaders to support student learning and college and career readiness

Goal 3:  Plan, implement, and monitor processes and procedures for organizational effectiveness.

Action 1:  Increase our breakfast and lunch participation in order to maintain our CEP status which allows all of our students to receive healthy, nutritious, and appetizing meals in an environment that promotes learning 

Action 2: Recruit and retain highly qualified staff

Action 3:  Maintain cleanliness of our school to provide an appealing environment to support student learning

Action 4:  Ensure equitable access, reliability, and use of school technology resources

Goal 4:  Build capacity for continuous improvement by ensuring meaningful and in-time professional learning that increases personnel effectiveness and student achievement.

Action 1:  Facilitate job-embedded professional learning based on specified needs of personnel, indicated on Title II survey, that includes best practices training, RTI, and using data effectively

Action 2:  Provide sustained job-embedded professional learning with school administrators and teachers during our weekly grade-level collaborations and monthly faculty meetings to increase teacher and leader content knowledge and effectiveness.

Action 3:  Continue to provide opportunities for vertical articulation of the curriculum between grade levels