Coach A. Daniely
P.E. Teacher
478-929-7814  or 256-644-7322

Courses Taught:

Health / Physical Education

Girls Weight Lifting


All About ME!
My name is April Owens Daniely. I am married to Pedro with two beautiful girls,Gabby and Al'Leigh. I have been coaching over 15 yrs. and teaching 9 yrs. (10 yrs. if you add student teaching LOL!) I hold a B.A. in Health/PE and a M.A. in Teacher Leadership. I have taught PE on all grade levels K-12 and love the concept of being active. I plan to continue with making PE as fun and exciting as I can during this Pandemic and allowing the students to express their personality through movement and activity while also focusing on state requirements for Fitness Gram. Personally, one day I would like to complete these last 18 credits to become an Administrator (when its time to put down coaching and i will know when its time to focus more on leadership.)