The Culture Connection


Faculty Sponsor – Kendra M. Castelow

The Culture Connection – The 1st ever multicultural club at Miller Elementary!

Mission/Purpose: The mission of The Culture Connection is for Miller Elementary students to be globally competitive through studying the elements of multicultural and multilingual populations. Members will become more culturally sensitive while learning about diverse foods, music, and language.

Planned Activities: All activities are based on a cultural calendar. Each month’s meeting will feature background information, arts and crafts, simple recipes, musical styles, and basic written and verbal communication in the respective language. Members may be asked to participate in school-wide celebrations.

Membership Requirement: All members are students of Miller Elementary in 3rd through 5th Grade. Members attend one meeting per month. Members must be in good academic standing and have no office referrals. Those interested in joining answer questions created by the Faculty Sponsor/Contact, Mrs. Castelow. The questions are rated according to a rubric created by the Faculty Sponsor/Contact, Mrs. Castelow. A maximum of 15 students from Grades 3-5 are selected based on that rubric.